Europe: BEREC Launches Public Consultation Through its Draft Report On Enabling IoT & M2M Technology


The internet has changed the way people use it to execute large scale projects as well as day-to-day tasks during the last 20 years. With the passage of time, humans have transformed the technology to make their lives easy and hassle-free – IoT or M2M communication is a result of this transformation.


To talk more about IoT and M2M, BEREC (Body of European Regulators For Electronic Communications) organized its 3rd Plenary meeting of 2015 on October 1 and 2 in Riga, Latvia.

During the Plenary meeting, BEREC discussed its work program for 2016, which is on its agenda for the upcoming Stakeholder Forum, to be held on 15 October in Brussels. Among many public consultations launched after the meeting, one talked about M2M and IoT services and their characteristics.

In this report, BEREC has discussed a host of perspectives to create an environment that could result in a sustainable competition, thereby leading to consumer benefits in the long run. It also throws some light on whether there is any need to treat M2M and IoT in a special way so that they can handle various regulatory and security issues that might arise in the future.

It also talks about the role of various regulatory bodies in establishing preconditions, such as assuring adequate resources for IoT, data security, and interoperability of devices, services, and platforms.

The objective of this report is to educate customers about M2M or IoT communication and get their feedback on the same.


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