ESLOV: The Revolutionary IoT Invention Kit From Arduino


Arduino is known for its expertise in drones, robots, space & medical research, musical instruments, 3D printers and many other innovative products. Over the years, it has built many products to help people simplify their lives. Now since the world is slowly moving towards internet of things and connected devices, Arduino is ready with its new product. ESLOV, a revolutionary IoT invention kit is aimed at simplifying the smart device building procedure.

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Unlike other tools, you don’t need any prior knowledge of software or hardware to create projects while using ESLOV. It’s simpler than you can imagine and good enough to help you finish projects in a quick turnaround time. All you need to do is connect different modules using cables or Wi-Fi & motion hub, and then plug this hub into your system.

As simple as that!

Soon as you connect it to the PC, the ESLOV visual code editor recognizes all the modules and starts displaying them on the screen right away. At this point, you can easily connect different modules in the editor and bring your project to life instantly. After this, you can make an account on Arduino Cloud and interact with your device from different locations remotely.

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The best thing about using ESLOV is you can program it as per your needs with the help of Arduino Editor. There are two ways to do it – either use the desktop-based IDE or Online Editor. That’s not over – with a broad range of libraries that come with ESLOV, you can even customize the behavior of all the modules, improve functionalities of the hub and make changes in the existing protocols of modules and hubs.

As of now, there are 25 modules – LEDs, buttons, microphones, air quality sensors, and many others. All in all, if you’re into connected smart devices, the new ESLOV opens up a way for endless new opportunities for you.

The ESLOV tool costs between $55 to $499 depending upon different sizes, modules and other important factors. Arduino hopes to start delivering it from June 2017. You can click here to know more about ESLOV’s features and availability. Johnthan Banks Authentic Jersey


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