Ericsson And China Unicom Partner Together Over Cloud, 5G And Internet of Things


Ericsson and China Unicom have signed MoU (memorandum of association) that covers 5G, network architecture, cloud, 5G and internet of things. As per the reports, both of them made the official announcement regarding this MoU on April 27, 2016, in Beijing.

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Ericsson and China Unicom plan to use each other’s expertise to improve the maturity of network infrastructure and next-generation network standardization, which can further result in better cross-industry ecosystem and innovative new businesses. As the demand for better connectivity rises, this association will enhance the expansion of 5G and internet of things technology across the globe.

As part of this alliance, both the firms will work on many projects, including-

  • World-class network architecture for fixed mobile convergence
  • Standardization of 5G technology
  • Promoting SDN (software-defined networking) projects in various groups
  • Collectively work towards successfully implementing China Unicom’s low-cost coverage solution and network evolution solution.

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The senior management teams of Ericsson and China Unicom the companies are delighted to announce this partnership and hope that it will work out well for them. Ericsson has already made public over 20 agreements that talk about testing 5G and internet of things technology with different operators across the planet. More details about the association and these deals can be found hereChase Utley Jersey


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