Ericsson’s Launches World’s First Internet of Things Connectivity Service For Winemakers


Ericsson has decided to join hands with industry leaders like Intel, MyOmega System Technologies, and Telenor Connexion to come up with world’s first Internet of Things connectivity service for winemakers.


As per the news published on Ericsson’s official website, the deployment of DCP or Ericsson Device Connection Platform along with Internet of Things security solution, will instill secure encrypted connectivity and SIM-based device authentication, which can support effective wine production. There are many advantages, including but not limited to higher revenue, lower cost and lesser environmental impact for winemakers, if this platform is put into use. It can further scale the entire wine industry nationally and globally; something every winemaker wishes.

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The newly proposed service by Ericsson uses Intel-based Internet of Things gateways and sensors, thereby winemakers can easily collect data, such as air, temperature, solar intensity and soil humidity to improve their decision-making procedure. Some of the other advantages of this service this include resource management through predictive analysis, quality production through remote monitoring, reduced environmental impacts and lower cost.

A research conducted by International Organization of Vine and Wine, the global wine industry experiences total annual export of EUR 26 billion. The inclusion of this service can make the entire export procedure hassle-free and efficient.


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