EnOcean Alliance And Open Interconnect Consortium Sign New Agreement For IoT


To make sure that they get the best out of the present IoT led technology field, EnOcean and Open Interconnect Consortium have entered into a liaison agreement. Their expertise in wireless building control alliance and IoT is likely to help EnOcean and Open Interconnect Consortium in getting an edge over other players in the market.


With the help of the framework developed by Open Interconnect Consortium, developers can start marketing their products in an easy and hassle-free manner. This framework works across different IoT segments and can benefit different companies that look forward to developing products focusing on M2M and IoT fields.

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EnOcean Alliance is formed by over 400 companies dedicated to enhancing the carbon footprint, comfort and security of buildings with the help of different energy harvesting wireless control solutions that are based on EnOcean standard. The device developed by EnOcean Alliance doesn’t require any maintenance or battery to operate and collect data using IoT at remote places.

Both the companies have been working hard to enhancing the use of IoT and M2M communication so that industrial operations can be made easy and hassle-free in the long run. With this new agreement, they wish to bring a substantial change in the way things are executed in different industries. Both of them will keep informing about further progress of their initiative from time to time.



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