EasyJet Introduces Wearable Technology In Uniforms of Cabin Crew And Engineers


Leading European airline, EasyJet, took a revolutionary step by introducing first in-flight uniform in the world for its cabin crew and engineers, which is equipped with wearable technology. The announcement made company’s 20th anniversary a little more special.


No other company has ever done something like that, which makes this decision one of its kind. easyJet intends to enhance in-flight communication as well as security standards for all the travelers, and this wearable technology will help it do that.

It’s not the first time when easyJet has come up with a revolutionary concept like this. It’s one of the very few airlines that like to be at the forefront of technological innovation. From being one of the first airlines to float online booking 17 years ago in 1998 to using drones for aircraft inspection a few months back, it has taken a host of decisions that have the potential to turn the fortunes of airline industry forever.

Internet of Things industry and wearable technologies are growing at a rapid pace and are likely to become a trillion dollar industry a few years down the line. By introducing wearable technology in in-flight uniform, easyJet can explore this industry in an effective way.

Wearable Technology in Cabin Crew Uniform:

  • LEDs given on shoulders and illuminated hems can offer additional lighting in case there is an emergency situation
  • In-built microphones improve communication between the pilots, crew and passengers
  • A set of LEDs given on jacket lapels displays important information like destinations and flight numbers
  • LEDs given in ground staff jacket cuffs can help with aircraft movement on the ground effectively

Wearable Technology in Engineer Uniform:

  • LEDs that are given in jacket hoods can illuminate work areas and leave both of the hands-free for aircraft maintenance and inspections.
  • The uniform comes with inbuilt video cameras that allow the engineers to execute remote diagnosis of various technical issues without any hassle.
  • It’s also equipped with barometer and air quality sensor that help engineers in monitoring their work environment round the clock and create a detailed map of air quality in different cities so that passengers can be better informed.

You can click here and know more about this innovative decision taken by EasyJet.


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