Drayson Technologies Comes Up With Freevolt To Power Internet of Things


Internet of Things is slowly heading to the next level with more and more companies coming up with exclusive products and services based on IoT. However, Drayson has gone a mile ahead and launched Freevolt that can power Internet of Things.


Lord Drayson, Chairman & CEO, Drayson Technologies, launched Freevolt quoting it as a revolutionary technology that focuses on energy harvesting and can easily turn ambient radio frequency (RF) waves into electricity that can charge devices that run on low power. As per the reports, Freevolt has been developed by a team from Imperial College London and Drayson Technologies. It’s the first time when a firm has come up with a technology that can power IoT devices.

While announcing the Freevolt, Lord Drayson said that it’s the first time when any company has developed a technology that can harvest usable energy from RF signal. Freevolt comes with a rectifier and multi-band antenna to absorb energy from different RF bands at any possible orientation. Due to its diverse features and world-class technology, Freevolt can be used to power IoT devices, such as sensors, wearables and beacons.

Drayson has decided to use Freevolt in CleanSpace Tag air sensor, which is being manufactured in the UK. It’s going to be the first ever commercial deployment of Freevolt.


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