Dell Launches ‘Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program’, Launches Guidelines


Dell has unveiled the Dell IoT solution partner guidelines as part of its initiative towards adding value to the IoT community. In order to explore rapidly growing IoT field and help others forging ahead, Dell looks forward to working with System Integrators (SIs) and  Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Commercial and industrial IoT solutions are need of the hour, and Dell intends to be on the forefront of this revolution.


Dell IoT solution partner program has three tiers, and each participant will be put in one of them based on a combination of alignment, go-to-market and technology differentiation with Dell strategy. These three program tiers are as follows-

  • Registered Partner
  • Associate Partner
  • Executive Partner

While executive partners will get the opportunity to form closest business relations with Dell, both associate and executive partners will be provided every help possible to advance to the upper bracket.

Dell wants to implement present-day IoT solutions with the help of its partners in applications like factory optimizations, quality control, predictive maintenance, smart metering, smart infrastructure, fleet management, remote asset management, security control and supply chain management.

It has briefly described various categories to be considered while selecting Dell IoT solution partners. These categories are services, E2E platform, backend platform, big data tools, device management, security, visualization, analytics, wide area networking, edge platform, virtualization, edge networking and endpoint manufacturer.

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