Cubic Telecom To Power Audi Connect Infotainment System In Connected Vehicle Segment


Audi, the leading automotive player in the world, has teamed up with Cubic Telecom to take things to newer heights in connected vehicle segment. As per the reports, Cubic Telecom will assist Audi in implementing Audi Connect Infotainment system in cars as well as offering Wi-Fi services for drivers within Europe region.

audi connect

Cubic has been taking MVNO connectivity initiatives for a long time, and this partnership is the largest among them. As part of this rollout, Audi users will get to use Audi connect Wi-Fi hotspot while on the go, which will not only help them in using company’s infotainment services but also allow them to buy regional data plans.

High-speed data connectivity is the need of the hour, and Audi believes that it can enhance the overall driving experience of its users with the help of the robust network of Cubic Telecom. In a press statement, the company said that Europe is the starting point as many more countries would be added to this list in the coming months.

New Audi vehicles equipped with the Cubic Telecom’s advanced technology will hit the European market in mid-2016. You can click here to access further information about this initiative. Jordan Hicks Jersey


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