Covata To Deploy KaaS Offering With Cisco For Securing IoT

IoT security

Covata has decided to deploy KaaS (Key-as-a-Service) offering with Cisco. Using KaaS, Covata will eliminate the burden of access policy and encryption key management along with other regulatory and legal issues. With more and more companies adapting to the internet of things, the data volume available online is set to rise in the near future, which will also increase the risk of hacking.


Covata and Cisco want to make sure that KaaS can protect individual and corporate customers from such online threats. Both of them are already looking into a number of cloud and IoT projects, which will determine the first Covata KaaS user to embed this service into their product to safeguard against any probable security risk.

How Does It Work

KaaS service of Covata provides a tailored and scalable framework to protect content by full access remediation and supporting policy driven access. Its Geo Location process is good enough to shift the entire focus from controlling data location to controlling encryption key location. If used well, KaaS can eliminate the widespread issue of protecting countless unstructured data pieces that are flowing around the internet.

With KaaS, data remains safe and encrypted round the clock. Any company having cross border operations can use geo-policy to block any key related to content that’s not within the borders of a particular country. In such case, the data remains protected even if the device accessing it gets compromised in a foreign country. Apart from geo policy, Covata also looks forward to offering key fragmentation. It allows only authorized parties to access data after taking regulatory approval.

The management team of Covata is delighted to announce KaaS offering and hopes that it will help the companies keeping their data secure amid growing scope of the internet of things in the future. You can click here and read more about Covata and KaaS offering. T.J. Green Womens Jersey


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