Comcast’s Xfinity Home To Help Customers Reduce Energy Use Thereby Lowering Costs


With increasing demand for the Internet of things across the globe, companies are trying to deploy more and more IoT enabled solutions that can make people’s lives easy and hassle-free. In this series, Earth Networks and Comcast have entered into a partnership to work on WeatherBug Home optimization software, which is expected to help Xfinity Home customers further lowering their house maintenance cost by reducing energy usage.

smart home3

According to reports, Xfinity Home uses an energy saving tool called EcoSaver, which learns the heating and cooling patterns of homes and starts making automatic adjustments to thermostat after a particular period. The WeatherBug Home optimization software will provide the required data and prepare analytics, so that EcoSaver can work properly and live up to users’ expectations.

Xfinity Home’s Daniel Herscovici says that cooling and heating covers almost 50% of household expenses. Company’s EcoSaver feature has been helping customers saving tons of money over the last three years. This new partnership with Earth Networks will help the company improve its services in the future.

The smart home concept is earning a lot of attention amid growing demand for IoT and M2M technologies, which is something Earth Networks, Comcast, and Xfinity Home look forward to cashing out in the coming months. You can click here and learn more about their plans. Ronald Leary Womens Jersey


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