CLX Communications And Wirefast Partner Together To Offer World-class IoT Solutions To Enterprises


CLX Communications, a leading cloud-based communication solution provider, announced that it had entered into a partnership with Wirefast, a cloud-based communication specialist, to offer IoT-based applications and connectivity to enterprises.


The increasing demand for the IoT has helped CLX Communication to increase its use base in a hassle-free manner over the last few years. In this partnership, it will look after managing data needs and providing SIM cards to users with the help of its global network of mobile network providers. Based on the IoT connectivity services of CLX, Wirefast will use its technology to develop a host of applications for clients in banking, shipping, petrochemical and healthcare industries.

To ensure that customers don’t have to face any problem, both the firms will provide round the clock support, reporting, backup and fully auditable archives.

The senior management teams of both the companies are delighted to execute this partnership. According to  Robert Gerstmann, MD, CLX, it’s great to extend long-standing relation with Wirefast to support enterprises. CLX will add IoT capabilities to Wirefast’s portfolio, which will help it serve all the clients in a hassle-free manner.

Going forward both of them will come up with newer products and services to expand service and product fleet. Further details can be found hereRobinson Chirinos Jersey


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