CEL Announces Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Modules And Cortet IoT Connectivity Suite


Taking its IoT and other connectivity offerings to all new heights, CEL announced WB4343 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Mini Modules and Cortet IoT Connectivity Suite.

These pin-compatible extensions are likely to add value to company’s Thread, ZigBee and Bluetooth Smart products by allowing the designers to transit between different wireless networking standards with the help of drop-in module hardware.


Creation of Market-Specific SKUs

The swappable hardware makes it possible for users to get familiar with evolving trends in the internet of things market. The management team expects that regardless of which technology gain momentum in the future, users will be able to future-proof their hardware to enhance the security standards and have a hassle-free experience. Moreover, they will be able to maximize market reach by creating market-specific SKUs from a single design and swapping different technology modules.

These new Wi-Fi + Bluetooth modules come with an ARM-based microprocessor and are based on BCM43438 IC from Broadcom, which enable them to reduce marketing time and design risk for Bluetooth Classic, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart solutions. Samples of these WB4343 Mini Modules are available in the market. You can get more information here.

Cortet IoT Connectivity Suite And Its Advantage

Along with these modules, CEL also announced Cortet IoT Connectivity Suite to present a way to customers by which they can IoT-enable their products, explore new markets and enhance the profitability. With this announcement, CEL has expanded its embedded software and wireless hardware offerings. Cortet, a world-class wireless solution provider, supports software, radio, cloud and app platforms.

This is another step through which CEL enables its customers to connect their IoT devices with sheer simplicity. Cortet is good enough to eliminate everyday issues like overdependence on an always-on internet connection and slow response time of servers.

This announcement marks company’s second launch within a matter of few days. Going forward, CEL seeks to launch many more such solutions in the market. You can read more about Cortet IoT Connectivity Suite hereFred Lynn Authentic Jersey


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