California Witnesses Excessive Growth of Internet of Things


Internet of Things (IoT) upholds the future of technology. Experts from IT sector believe that total IoT connections will enhance four times by 2020. The United States among other countries doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to make things fall in line. To start with, the government intends to cover water, waste, energy, and transportation in IoT initiative; however, as the time progresses, it will include other sectors as well.

Most of the cities, including the tech capital California, have started experimenting with IoT initiatives to ensure that they can cash in when the time comes. As per the estimates, they are likely to spend over $41 trillion on Internet of Things over the next two decades.

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California has established a CityWatch to test the use of IoT for environment control. With massive funding from Federal Grants, it’s installing various sensors on lampposts so that environmental conditions like noise, temperature, and air quality can easily be monitored. The data collected through this method is then recorded into open portals so that the government can take appropriate decisions, make predictions and start preparations for any unexpected environmental issue.

Apart from this, California is also using IoT for rural irrigation and urban water projects. The state has got excellent results so far, and now getting ready to handle Godzilla of El Niño, which is likely to hit California this winter.

The government in California is confident to handle any natural calamity with the help of Internet of Things and minimize its adverse effects. Jimmie Ward Authentic Jersey


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