BRAGI And NXP Launch World’s First Wireless Smart Headsets At CES2016


NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced that a new generation of smart headsets could be manufactured by combining its ARM Cortex-M4F based Kinetis microcontroller along with Near Field Magnetic Induction technology. A live demonstration of this solution is set to be given during the CES2016 at the NXP CES booth, CP25.


Meanwhile BRAGI, a Europe-based headsets manufacturing firm, announced the release of world’s first wireless, smart headsets that are based on the NFMI transceiver technology of NXP. The newly launched hearable product of BRAGI – DASH, is a wireless earphone that offers cord-free experience with high-quality sound, maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

With DASH, users get three essential features in one product: live sports assistant, standalone music player and smartphone companion. Thanks to the performance and power efficient Kinetis and NFMI transceiver technology that DASH is capable of bringing innovation to routine life with a tiny earphone. What makes DASH a must have device is its ability to work underwater. Users can use it while running, sleeping and even swimming to have a seamless experience.

NXP has finished working on NXH2280, a high-quality NFMI transceiver chip that can offer high-bandwidth, low power and increased flexibility while streaming data and audio. All these features make it a perfect fit for the cutting edge hearable devices. It’s likely to hit the market in April 2016. You can know more about NXH2280 by clicking hereHoward Wilson Authentic Jersey


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