Bouygues Telecom Enters Internet of Things Market With New Subsidiary Objenious


Many of the leading telecom companies have realized the importance of internet of things and its potential for future growth. In this series, Bouygues has come up with a wholly-owned subsidiary named Objenious that is likely to focus entirely on the internet of things. Objenious employs a team of 20 people led by Stéphane Allaire. Its primary focus is on deploying LoRa network to connect different objects located across the globe.


As of now, the LoRa covers over 15 major cities, and Objenious aims to cover more than 50% French population within next few months. If everything goes as per plans, the company will launch first 4000 antennae by the end of the current year. Some of the primary objectives of Bouygues behind creating this internet of things subsidiary are –

  • Developing need-specific sensors using the help of partner brands like Watteco nke, FINSECUR or Eolane
  • Offering cloud-based data management solutions to users
  • Deploying LoRa based connectivity
  • Bringing the internet of things expertise of Objenious to ordinary people and make their lives easy and hassle-free.

The senior management team of Bouygues is delighted to share this update and hopes that it will change the way internet of things is perceived by everyday users forever. You can click here and read more about the internet of things initiative of Bouygues. Andrew Hammond Authentic Jersey


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