Bosch Sensortec And Dialog Semiconductor Join Hands For IoT Focused Smart Sensor Platform


The ever increasing usability of IoT is drawing more and more companies in this field. In this series, Bosch Sensortec and Dialog Semiconductor have decided to adjoin hands to work on Internet of Things based smart sensor platform. As per the reports, this platform uses minimum power and work in the wireless mode to make things easy and hassle-free.


Dialog Semiconductor plc is known for offering highly integrated Bluetooth Smart Wireless and solid state lighting technology. Both the companies intend to develop a 12-DOF smart sensor reference platform that can further be used for gesture recognition in gaming, 3D indoor mapping,  augment reality, navigation, and wearable computing devices.

To build this platform successfully, Bosch Sensortec will combine three of its low-power sensors – BMM150 sensor for 3-axis geomagnetic field measurement, 6-axis BMI160 sensor, and BME280 sensor for pressure, humidity and temperature with the DA14580 Bluetooth Smart System-on-Chip of Dialog. This platform is expected to consume less than 500 µA from a 3V coin cell when transferring and updating all 12 x 16 bits of data to a smartphone via the wireless medium.

The senior management teams of both the companies are excited about this collaboration and hoping to build a platform that will change the way data is transferred between two devices forever.


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