Bluetooth SIG Announces Supportive Educational Tools And New Architecture To Connect Devices To Internet of Things


In a recent public statement, Bluetooth SIG announced multiple educational tools and a new architecture that help developers in creating internet gateways for Bluetooth devices. Using Bluetooth SIG’s new technology, any Bluetooth sensor can send data to the cloud and receive it back in a hassle-free manner. It’s a revolutionary announcement, which makes it easy for anyone to control fixed Bluetooth sensors from any part of the world.


Scientists have been talking for a long time about switching on/off lights or locking/unlocking car from a remote location using IoT for many years; this announcement of Bluetooth SIG is one step forward in the same direction.

With the help of new architecture and toolkit of Bluetooth SIG, developers, OEMS, hackers and makers can establish a connection between cloud and Bluetooth without using any tablet or smartphone. In simple words, it helps users in controlling different sensors without having to worry about proximity.

With rising demand for IoT and smart-homes, people are more inclined to keep an eye over their homes from a remote location, using Bluetooth Internet Gateway Smart Starter Kit they can do so. It’s available for download at

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