Blackberry Intends To Enter Internet of Things Market


After going through a tough time and restructuring in the domestic smartphone business, Blackberry looks forward to having a successful run in the emerging Internet of Things field. During a recent interview with Indian Express, Blackberry Technology Solutions’ President Sandeep Chennakeshu hinted at Blackberry’s entrance in the IoT field with the launch of 200 mm weatherproof high-value asset tracking box with battery that lasts five years and an IP67 certification.

Chennakeshu clarified that this new asset tracking box is Blackberry’s creation and has been patented already. Blackberry is now planning to start trials from November. Chennakeshu further added that the two major things that were in the minds of developers while creating this box were to keep its cost down and installation easy.

Blackberry had created BlackBerry Technology Solutions in 2014 to combine its IoT platform, QNX Software Systems, Project Ion, Paratek RF antenna tuning and Certicom cryptography applications with the core business solutions. The company owns over 44000 patents valued somewhere between $2-$3 billion.

The newly announced asset tracking box is capable of measuring temperature, movement and humidity pressure. With GPS feature, it can be installed in remote locations and send the important data to the cloud in a secure way. Blackberry is targeting shipping and auto industry as of now, but the box can be used in many other industries as well.


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