Biggest Challenge of IoT


Before we start, let me clarify this post is not about Security and privacy. Of course they are the main challenges, however I used to think and wonder why many IoT experts/bloggers quote 5 to 10 years to make IoT into mainstream, to me this gap of 5 years is bit large and shows clearly there is uncertainty. Previous technological disruptions never took this long and variation Y2K, Modernization from legacy, ERP, SOA (through ESB), CRM, Mobility make a quick entry.

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So what makes IoT different from these? From the innovation aspect, these are incremental innovation focusing on optimizing the IT spend. Mobility added quick access and easy convenience aspect. Appification became norm when Mobility caught the world’s attention.

But IoT is not necessarily a next step of improvement of existing things or need not provide easy convenience. My earlier blog What is not IoT lists

IoT is not just Big Data

IoT is not automation

IoT is not just connecting things

IoT is not just monitoring and improving/optimizing

IoT is not about control

IoT is not just DIY stuff

Take a break… let us talk of creativity for a while now:

Creativity is “Seeing something new when you look something old”  (William Shakespeare)

Creativity is redefining old ideas in new ways breaking through conceptual old barriers (Parnes,Sidney J). Right brain thinking (as famously quoted by Daniel Pink in his book Whole new Mind) is required for creative thinking.

Brain is an efficient piece of meat which wants to do less work all the time. When normal things are exposed, brain is designed not to think of it much. First time, when a new object is seen, brain thinks and makes few thoughts from past history. When the same object is seen again and again, brain wants to do little work, does not want to “think” more about the thing.

While, Internet of things is all about dealing with Things.  Apart from connectivity, brain stops thinking. So there are many use cases in IOT which are irrelevant and brings no value, they are all connected (Stupid) things. All the investors are asking the same old question “Show me the money” which is unanswered by IoT.

Hence I see the biggest challenge of IoT is lack of creativity. Creativity is all about re-imagining new ideas in old things.

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Inspiration : Francisco Moroto’s IoT blogs Aaron Burbridge Jersey


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