Big Brands Come Together To Form Internet of Things Security Foundation


With the passage of time, security issues will start hitting hard in IoT market. To make sure that things fall in line, some of the major companies including Vodafone, Intel, and BT, have adjoined hands to form  Internet of Things Security Foundation. It’s a non-profit entity that will look after developing the best practices in for securing IoT devices.


Internet of Things has been the talk of the town of late. Most of the tech companies are trying to set up their own IoT platforms to cash in the opportunity. For them, delivery of service is a major concern, which is why this autonomous body has been set up by these industry leaders to ensure that customers security doesn’t get compromised.

As per the reports, IoT Security Foundation doesn’t intend to become a standard body in IoT field. Instead, it wants to work alongside IoT service providers to ensure holistic and system-wide perspective on IoT security. The foundation is ready to kickstart the proceeding with three major activities — starting a self-certification program for all the member companies, a close look at the big-picture for IoT security and an inaugural conference to be held on December 1, 2015 in London.

The funding to run the IoT Security Foundation will be arranged by all the group members collectively.


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