BEC Technologies Launches New 4G/LTE Wireless Router for M2M Products


BEC Technologies has expanded its M2M portfolio by launching a new 4G/LTE wireless router (MX-200) in its MXConnect M2M Product Series. The newly launched MX-200 brings robust and secure data connectivity for a wide range of M2M applications, including digital signage, SCADA, metering and remote surveillance.

The prime objective of most of the businesses running across the world is to minimize the cost and maximize ROI. To fulfill the same objective, they are investing heavily in M2M devices. With MX-200, BEC Technologies aims to deploy M2M solutions in a cost-effective manner without taking much time.

Some of the features of this device include-

  • Multiple APN Configuration
  • Excellent Connectivity and fallback for 2G/3G
  • Enterprise class router with IPsec VPN, firewall, VLAN, IPv6 and QoS support
  • Supports Cloud-Based device management platform of BEC
  • Usage in SCADA, Digital Signage, Retail (PoS), Remote Monitoring, etc.

BEC is looking forward to driving the adoption of M2M devices all over the world in different market segments. It will continue to offer such products in future as well.

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