Azul’s JMV Zulu Embedded Is Available For Download At Wind River Marketplace


Azul Systems announced that its open source Java Virtual Machine, Zulu Embedded, could be downloaded on the Wind River Marketplace. Zulu Embedded is based on the OpenJDK that’s developed primarily for IoT, mobile and embedded markets.

Azul’s decision to launch its JMV on the well-known online app store, Wind River Marketplace, is to ensure that maximum people can access it and enjoy great advantages that it has to offer. Users can find a broad range of software ranging from security, safety, graphics, connectivity and other development tools. Azul has tested Zulu Embedded through different tests on Wind River Linux to check seamless operability.


OpenJDK is a major Java Community Project used for developing and evolving Java. Reports claim that Zulu Embedded follows OpenJDK and combines the flexibility of this software with embedded expertise.  Developers can use Zulu Embedded and use a JAVA SE standard compliant package that can suit their configuration support and concrete needs.

According to company’s CEO, Scott Sellers, the Zulu Embedded has already been deployed in millions of devices worldwide and everything needed to live up to users expectations. You can click here and know more about Zulu Embedded and its features. Roman Josi Womens Jersey


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