Ayla Networks Planning To Add IoT Capabilities To Ozner Smart Water Filtration System


Ayla Networks, an international IoT platform, announced a collaboration with Ozner Water International Holding. As part of this partnership, Ayla will help Ozner in expanding its offerings to retail the market leading position in China and deploy smart water filtration systems. Ozner is a renowned water purification company based in China.

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Ozner looks to expand its offerings in other countries, but before that happens, it wants to ensure that its water purification systems are IoT-enabled for a better market performance. The company hopes that the internet of things technology will not only make its systems highly-secured but also optimal for international deployments. Both the companies are excited to work with each other and hope to leverage the opportunities available in the IoT market.


All the smart water filtration systems manufactured by Ozner come with 24/7 cloud connectivity, which means that Ozner can easily find out any malfunctions in its systems and proceed further with the replacement for an amazing user-experience. Now that it has joined hands with Ayla Networks, the service quality and response time are likely to improve at a great pace, giving Ozner a clear edge over other rivals.

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