Ayla Networks Acquires Innr Lighting- First Customer In Europe


Ayla Networks, better known for its Internet of Things platform, has announced the acquisition of its first customer in Europe – Innr Lighting B.V. As per the reports, Netherlands-based Innr Lighting uses Ayla Network’s Agile Mobile Application Platform (AMAP) and other IoT services to enhance the effectiveness of its smart home lighting solution in European market.


According to Jeroen Dalderop, Co-Founder & CEO, Innr Lighting, “It’s expensive to improve the security, functionality and compatibility that can help the company get an edge over its rivals.” With the help of Ayla’s IoT services, Innr Lighting gets back-end connectivity, cross-band compatibility and security along with AMAP framework that add mobile app control to all the cloud-based products of the company, he further added.

Inner Lighting is known for developing cutting-edge solutions to bring world-class lighting in everyone’s reach. It uses light intensity and light placement that allow users to create activity and room specific lighting scenes affecting their moods in advantageous ways. For example, users can create lighting scenes for a cocktail party or romantic dinner or book reading or late night movie, and take their overall experience to another level.

While talking to reporters, Ayla’s Co-Founder & CEO David Friedman said, “Inner Lighting has a cool and innovative product range. We are pleased to adjoin hands with Inner Lighting to help it improve its offerings.” With this acquisition, Ayla has expanded its customer base to Asia, North America, and Europe.


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