Ayla IoT Platform Powers New Air Conditioning Products of Fujitsu And TCL


Ayla Networks announced that its global internet of things platform would help industry leaders like Fujitsu and TCL to transform their air conditioning products into smart connected systems. The decision has been taken by the company in the continuum of its vision to simplify the technology by using internet of things for businesses and expose them to the vast world of connectivity.


Reports claim that Ayla Network has agreed to use its IoT technology into the new RLS3Y series of mini-split air-conditioners of Fujitsu that was announced recently. Ayla will keep in mind both commercial and residential markets and deploy feasible IoT solutions accordingly. Fujitsu General mini-split air-conditioning units will connect to the Ayla cloud automatically and enable the company to collect useful information, resulting in better than ever before services.

In addition to this, Fujitsu will also be able to offer excellent remote management of cooling and heating system operations. Fujitsu has also announced that its users will now be able to control and operate their Fujitsu General Systems with the help of Agile Mobile Application Platform. Using company’s mobile app equipped with AMAP service, users can easily control their systems from anywhere in the world.

Fujitsu is not the only company that eyes on automating things with the help of Ayla IoT platform. China-based TCL Group has decided to power its smart products using Ayla IoT platform. During the AHR Expo 2016, it announced the launch of three products – a split air conditioner, a dehumidifier and a mobile air conditioner, all of which support internet of things.

Once these products get installed at the customer location, the company can remotely upgrade the firmware using Ayla IoT platform. Users can choose to get regular alerts of how these products are functioning on their mobile devices and control them accordingly. These products have been manufactured by keeping in mind the future energy needs, and can save up to 25% energy under normal conditions. The delivery of these products is expected to start by the end of the year.

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