AT&T Launches IoT Equipped Wheelchair


AT&T has announced its newest offering – wheelchair that is powered by Internet of Things. According to reports, AT&T in association with a wheelchair manufacturing company Permobil will unveil the high-end IoT-based wheelchair during CTIA Super Mobility 2015 event on Wednesday. Experts believe that such a wheelchair will help people will disabilities to become independent in their day-to-day lives.

Some of the high-end features of this ultra-modern wheelchair include-

  • Battery Level Requirements: Manufacturers will know the state of the wheelchair without visiting the site. As and when there will be a need to replace the battery or resolve any other issue, they will be able to do it from a remote location.
  • Seating Position: Users will instantly come to know if their seat cushion pressure is not in the range. A seating position related app and cloud services will help the user in selecting an appropriate seating function.
  • GPS facility: With this facility, dealers and manufacturers will know the exact location of the wheelchair and schedule demos and appointments without giving users a troubled time.

The wheelchair is equipped with a large number of software and tools developed by At&T. Experts call it a great attempt by the company and hope for more such initiatives by others companies as well.


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