AT&T Accelerates IoT Initiatives- Launches Smart City Initiative, Voice Assistant App And Ford SYNC Connect


AT&T announced smart city initiative under which it would help cities to serve people in using a host of IoT driven solutions. The tech leader sniffs out to create an ecosystem where cities can make alliances with organizations operating in IoT field and come up with desired solutions to make users’ everyday life easy and hassle-free.


AT&T has already gone partners with industry leaders like Deloitte, Cisco, Ericsson, IBM, GE, Intel, and Qualcomm Technologies, etc. to roll out smart city project without a hitch. Going forward, many more such tech giants are likely to join forces to expand the proposed smart city network to Dallas, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta and Chicago areas.

AT&T tends to form a framework that can focus on innovations primarily related to street lights, utility meters, water system as well as infrastructure, citizen engagement, transportation and public safety.

Voice Assistant App Project

In addition to smart city project, AT&T announced a couple of other projects, including Voice Assistant App. The Voice Assistant App, created by AT&T Digital Life, allows the users to control Digital Life System by using voice commands. Using this app, Android and iOS users can virtually guide the Digital Life System to follow their commands and respond accordingly.

AT&T is running various trials as of now, and plans to launch this Voice Assistant App commercially in the first half of 2016. Users keen to know more about this app can take out some time for AT&T Developer Summit at CES 2016 where AT&T Digital Life will demonstrate this Voice Assistant App.


AT&T has agreed to lend its support to Ford Motors to enhance user experience on a real time basis. As part of this collaboration, AT&T will use its 4G LTE technology to connect over 10 million customers to Ford SYNC Connect over the next five years. Amid rapidly increasing IoT and connected car markets, SYNC Connect provides in-car communication and entertainment services to users. It’s likely to hit Canada and United States this spring. Here is what users can do with the help of high-speed FORD SYNC-

  • Lock/unlock cars remotely from anywhere anytime,
  • Locate parked vehicle on a map with the help of in-built GPS system,
  • Start the vehicle or schedule an automatic start remotely,
  • Check vehicle information like battery level, fuel level and tire pressure online

FORD SYNC is expected debut the market in Ford Escape this spring and change the way connected cars are perceived in IoT driven era. Andreas Athanasiou Womens Jersey


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