Atmel Launches Integrated Development Environment Studio 7 For MCU Design


With an objective to make the road for developers easy and hassle-free, Atmel has launched a new integrated development environment (IDE) named Atmel Studio 7 for MCU design. As per the reports, the company is also working on a high-end graphical platform named Atmel START that can be used for configuring and creating embedded applications, which further allow developers to come up with custom software platforms.


Due to demanding requirements and increased complexities, embedded developers are slowly turning to integrated development environment capable of delivering better performance, more intelligence and ease of use.

Atmel Studio 7 IDE is based on Microsoft Visual Studio Shell and works efficiently towards reducing overall design time with the help of performance enhancements using improved responsiveness and easy user interface. Along with normal key offerings, Atmel Studio 7 is also capable of providing power visualization and real-time application data to optimize power utilization and application performance.

Studio 7 plays an equally supportive role for maker community as well. It ports their sketches that are developed in Arduino environment as C++ projects and migrates different prototypes in its professional environment. The company continues to help the makers by moving all of their important projects from the MakerSpace to MarketPlace in a hassle-free manner.

As Internet of Things market is experiencing a robust hike at the moment and is likely to cover billions of devices in the next four years; Atmel wants to cash in this opportunity by providing integrated and high-quality embedded software. The launch of Atmel Studio 7 is another step towards fulfillment of this objective.


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