ARM Plans to Fast Track IoT Development In China- Launches Accelerator


ARM Holdings is looking forward to setting up an ‘accelerator’ in Beijing, China to facilitate a fast track IoT development in the country. As part of this initiative, ARM will employ IoT experts who can provide product design tips to Chinese companies.

As of now ARM is targeting startups in China, but later it can expand its focus to major companies as well. Its main focus as of now is to eliminate any barrier that can help young companies from delivering products within deadlines. The trend of startups eying on modern era technologies, wearable, IoT and M2M devices is increasing at a fast pace in China, and ARM’s initiative to establish a new accelerator here will boost the development rate.

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Even though the demand for such technologies and devices is increasing in the Chinese market, but startups aren’t capable of meeting the deadlines due to lack of resources. Some of the major issues that they face make room for – software optimization, operating system and right component selection, etc. ARM craves to address such issues and enable startups to improve their overall performance.

Side by side, ARM will also try to put Chinese startups in touch with vendors, suppliers and other concerned entities that can be of their benefit. This initiative will help ARM promote its chips and software in the Chinese market in the long run; hence, it’s a win-win situation for the company.



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