American Industrial Systems Floats Touch Panel HMIs Equipped With PoE Technology


American Industrial System (AIS) has decided to launch a new series of Touch Panel HMIs that use PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology. PoE is one of the new-era technologies that make it possible for the cables to carry data connection and electrical power together.

The new Touch Panel HMIs from AIS bring together aluminum die-cast housing, compact footprint, and world-renowned open platform design to deliver a powerful and new HMI solution for industrial players.

The robust technology and fast deployment of HMI industrial control systems empower new Touch Panel HMIs to meet a host of industrial requirements, such as wide environmental specifications, PoE capabilities, and network monitoring.

With the help of these Touch Panel HMIs, users in remote areas can easily connect, control and monitor a host of procedures across different industries ranging from oil and manufacturing to wastewater.

These AIS Touch Panel HMIs primarily focus on OEM machine builders, industrial manufacturers and system integrators. Keeping in mind today’s hectic lifestyle, Touch Panel HMIs are best suited for transportation, alternative energy, intelligent traffic and wastewater applications. With the help of SCADA control software, they can offer high-end security, advanced management, web-serving and data logging to execute network deployment in a hassle-free manner.

Some of the major advantages of having these Touch Panel HMIs installed comprise of flexibility, cost cutting, reliability, safety, and scalability.


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