American Industrial Systems Announces Smart Family Touch Screen Panels And IPCs For Industrial IoT


American Industrial Systems, Inc. or AIS, better known as a designer, innovator and manufacturer of HMI Touch Panels, displays, Industrial Touch Screens, Thin Clients, Industrial PCs and Operator Interface Terminals, announced Industrial Panel PCs and HMI Touch Screen Panels based on Smart family-PC. As per the reports, these panels and panel PCs are engineered and designed to support and accommodate Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 applications for monitoring, control and automation.


AIS’ compact series of intelligent, advanced HMIs lend full support to Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, Open Platform Communications, Representational State Transfer, Web-based software and Internet of Things protocols that are necessary for Industrial IoT applications. These new IPCs and Touch Screen Panels facilitate hassle-free streaming of real-time sensor and machine data into cloud-based platforms for real-time analytics and Big Data.

Company’s HMI IoT Gateway portfolio supports different data formats as well as communication protocols to ensure that users have an incredible experience. At a time when the demand for IoT and connected devices is rising at a fast pace, the importance cloud can’t be neglected. American Industrial Systems seeks to bridge the gap between demand and supply in the field of industrial IoT with the help of blue-ribbon HMI touch panels. You can click here and know more about them. Adrian Peterson Womens Jersey


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