Amazon Working On ARM-Compatible Processors To Power IoT And Connected Products


Amazon is reportedly working on world-class ARM-Compatible Processors series that can power Wi-Fi hotspots, home routers and network attached storage boxes. The Alpine system-on-chips were initially designed by Annapurna Labs, which has its presence in Israel and California. Amazon had bought it for $350 million to enhance its presence in the connected device and processor market.


The Alpine processor cores make use of licensed ARM blueprints and run 32-bit ARMv7/64-bit ARMv8 code to take the advantage of apps, toolchains, OpenWRT and open-source hypervisors in the ARM-compatible ecosystem.

The Netgear ReadyNAS 214, Gigabyte D120-S3G box o’ disks and other gear from Synology and QNAP use quad-core Cortex-A15 powered chips. Annapurna has already made available the software support for SoCs in Linux as well as FreeBSD kernels. The way things are moving at the moment, it looks like it’s is trying hard to expand Alpine range to IoT hubs, gateways and routers using Cortex-A-family cores. Reports claim that Alpine range can lend support for PCIe gen-3 interfaces, 10G Ethernet and DDR4 RAM.

Annapurna Labs is showcasing these designs to hardware factories, Netgear and other businesses active in consumer-grade equipment manufacturing. Regardless of this rapid turn of events, consumers shouldn’t expect these designs to be available at Amazon marketplace, at least not in the near future. Click here to know more about them. Ethan Westbrooks Womens Jersey


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