Airbus And Honeywell Come Together To Offer Real Time Weather Information To Airlines


The safety and timely arrival & departure of a flight depend on how accurately the airline forecasts the weather information. Airbus and Honeywell have decided to partner to offer real time weather information service to airlines. This internet of things based initiative will help airlines save up to $30,000 per aircraft annually.


Delivered via a Windows or iOS app, this service will offer real-time weather information to flights starting from takeoff to landing. It will not only save pilot’s time and airline’s cost per aircraft but also make passengers feel comfortable and enhance their convenience.

At present, detailed information on paper is issued a few hours before the flight takeoff, which creates a rush many times. With the help of this service, aircraft’s crew can get live weather updates and manage things accordingly. Both Honeywell and Airbus will keep updating its investors and other users of the further status of this service and timing of its deployment.

You can click here to know more about this service.


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