Afero New Secure Hub To Boost IoT Innovation Globally


Afero announced a new offering, Afero New Secure Hub, a physical gateway that allows the device manufacturers to monitor and control their smart devices round the clock without any hassle. To enable a reliable and secure communication between any device and Afero Cloud, the company has decided to opt for the services of Qualcomm Incorporated’s wholly owned subsidiary Qualcomm Atheros.


Once the Afero Secure Radio module hits the market, Afero expects a broad range of devices to opt for it, which is why it doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to give users a protected and reliable communication experience.

The AR9344, originally designed by Qualcomm Atheros, is designed in such a way that service providers and manufacturers can deploy reliable and scalable network solutions. Its IEEE 802.11n premium SoC comes with features like routing, Ethernet, and many other management functions that can control smart devices remotely.

With the help of Afero mobile app, users can set up Afero New Secure Hub and control all the connected devices from anywhere. Since its launch in December, a few leading brands including BANDAI NAMCO Studios and Infocom have chosen Afero’s cloud-connected services and products. You can click here and know more about it. J.J. Jansen Womens Jersey


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