Absolut Launches IoT Demonstration Unit In Stockholm, Sweden


Absolut, better known for offering a wide range of alcoholic drinks like Absolut Vodka, launched a global IoT demonstration unit at its headquarter located in Stockholm, Sweden. This unit contains a host of connected products and devices and poised to help brands like Absolut, Kahlúa design and Malibu to test different connected initiatives and offer a combined platform to generate consumer feedback.



Absolut has launched this facility with the help of well-known internet of things agency, SharpEnd. Initially, the primary objective of this agency will be to come up with eight demonstrations that can explore how well the latest technologies of IoT can help the companies create new reliable revenue streams.

What if the users fill their bottle with the cocktail and the color of the room light automatically changes to enhance the overall experience. Or music player starts to play songs as one pours his bottle with the cocktail to make sure he has the best time of his life while drinking his favorite cocktail. Absolut is working hard to make sure that it can create the best in class experience for consumers with the help of internet of things, and this new IoT facility will help it doing so.

In addition to facilitating the company with best tools and technologies, this innovation centre will also educate club owners, bar owners and event partners about how Absolut can help them serving their customers in the most effective way possible.

This announcement has come as part of Center for Data Innovation asking UK Policymakers to formulate a national level strategy based on the internet of things technology that can improve the quality of life and contribute to the economic growth.

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