21 Inc. Launches Bitcoin Computer As Its First Product


With increasing scope of bitcoins around the world, more and more companies are trying to explore various opportunities available in this field. In this series, 21 Inc., a bitcoin startup, has decided to launch its first bitcoin-based product — Bitcoin computer.

It is backed by well-known venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, which is why the world is looking closely at the product that 21 Inc. has launched. As per the reports, this computer intends to make bitcoins a default feature in all the IoT based web services and motivate developers to come up with products that integrate bitcoins.

The computer will be available for sale starting on Monday. It’s a small Linux-based device whose operating system is equipped with the bitcoin protocol. All the applications, games and IoT based programs that this computer is used in the building will make room for bitcoins by default.

According to Ben Horowitz, Co-Founder, Andreessen Horowitz, the present and future are to be dominated by technology. 21 Inc. has come up with a product that will enable M2M and IoT payments; something that has endless opportunities in the future. The entire management team is super excited to back 21 Inc. in developing a product like this.

The cost of this computer is likely to remain around $400 to end users. Pre-orders will start on Monday while delivery will start from November.



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