1248 To Drive IoT Growth, Joins ARM mbed Partner Ecosystem


To enhance the pace of IoT growth, 1248 – Internet of Things Pioneer, has decided to join ARM mbed Partner Ecosystem. It has also announced that the next fully automated Internet of Things device management solution will be set in motion during the ARM TechCon event, which’s likely to commence in Silicon Valley in November.


As per the report, this solution is likely to be built on ARM mbed IoT Device Platform, which is known for offering a simple way to control and design embedded connected devices. The premier advantage of opting for ARM mbed Partner Ecosystem is that it brings together leading cloud and embedded companies manufacturers, components, OEMs and system integrators.

The Ecosystem aims at standards, openness, services and technology needed to enhance the innovation in Internet of Things field and widen its adoption. All the partners of this Ecosystem have the opportunity to guide other members and use different ideas, expertise and suggestions to create world-class IoT solutions in a hassle-free way.

According to 1248 CEO, Pilgrim Beart, a major set-back that stops most of the IoT players to grow further is nothing but the unavailability of high-quality, low-cost software and hardware platforms. 1248 is confident that its decision to join ARM mbed Partner Ecosystem will change the way things happen in IoT industry.


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